The project

Storytelling & social-media

Digital tools, content and language are gaining importance in promoting the excellence of the Bolognese agro-food system in Italy and around the world. Communications techniques like digital storytelling and social-media are a wonderful opportunity for promoting products, services and agro-food companies from the Bologna area.

Book of Food give agro-food companies the possibility to load content and communication so they can be “cooked up” by a multimedia editorial staff that will turn out digital storytelling and social media formats for worldwide distribution.

The platform will be used to produce formats for promoting products, services, events, public initiatives and regional marketing connected to the “food economy”.


New digital technology opens new possibilities for co-ops who use them to reach these goals:

activate non-conventional marketing initiatives through digital channels to reach new market segments in Italy and in the world.

promote products, services and values that are characteristic of the bolognese co-op movement, telling stories digitally about agro-food tradition and excellence of the Bolognese province

construct and conduct a shared “social media strategy” among bolognese agro-food Bolognese, supporting and integrating with other communications projects of other supply chains in the area (ex: BOLOGNA CITY OF FOOD and FICO) and encouraging e-commerce

consolidate digital co-marketing  that support Bolognese cooperation around the world EXPO-Milan 2015 event


Book of Food is the first digital platform designed to promote cross-media narratives (long form, interactive, info-graphics and video) in Italian or other languages, in order to promote products, traditions and values of the Bolognese agro-food companies on web and on social media platforms.